New COVID-19 vaccine doses in Wisconsin going to teachers

Wisconsin plans to give more than 47,000 doses of its new Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to teachers next week, allowing early vaccination of other eligible and emerging groups.

New COVID-19 vaccine doses in Wisconsin going to teachers

“This will help us get through the teaching team faster, which will open the door for others,” said Deputy Secretary of State for Health Services Julie Williams Van Dyck.

It’s not clear whether awarding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine primarily to educators will increase the Dane County Educator Clinic Vaccination Program at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. The Madison Administration of Public Health and Dunn County initially planned to start the clinic this week, but last week said they would have to wait until March 19 because they had not received the dose required by the state.

“We have not yet confirmed the dose for the next week,” said Sarah Mattis, a spokeswoman for the City and County Health Service. “But if we get the dose from the teachers, we’ll make a schedule ahead of time.”

At the same time, Willems van Dijk said the government’s vaccination register, which was due to start Monday, has some loopholes, but would open later this week. He said the main vaccination schedule in the school district will be released in the coming days, and some Kruger pharmacies in the state will be administering vaccinations with Walgreens.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine that the federal government approved on Saturday is a single-dose injection that can be kept in cold storage, and since December, the vaccine with two doses of Pfizer and Moderna has to be frozen. Officials said the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was slightly less effective in preventing COVID-19 than the other vaccines in the study, but the studies were conducted under different conditions and the three vaccines were very effective in preventing serious illness and disease. passing away.

Willems van Dijk said, “Please take the vaccine they give.” If you say ‘no thanks’, you just have to take a different path and wait a while. That’s all.’

He said a quarter of Wisconsin school districts are expected to complete vaccination by March 15, and the state expects to have adequate vaccinations for other school districts starting this month. The main diagram provides detailed information.

SSM Health vaccinated approximately 550 teachers and faculty in Waunakee School District on Tuesday and plans to open a similar mobile vaccination clinic in Sun Prairie on Friday and use some of the regular vaccination allowance.

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The record is being tested by some local health departments using Microsoft software. It puts people and others who are eligible for the planned vaccination on the waiting list. Willems van Dijk said some components did not work as expected, and the state is working to ensure that the people in the queue are properly imported into the system.

“The quality beats this,” he said, adding that some parts of the record may be released before Friday.

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