Kroger proposes giant Marketplace store in Miamisburg

Kruger hopes to expand into the Dayton community by replacing its 25-year-old storefront with a new market.

The concept site plan being presented for the proposed development of 155 N. Heincke Road in Miamisburg depicts the Kruger market and the 124,000 square meter gas station.

Kroger proposes giant Marketplace store in Miamisburg 1

If approved, the store will be part of two “complete redesign” projects: the current 6.84 hectares of land, with 6,840 square meters in Kruger, and 21.67 hectares in the north. Groby field.

The current Kruger was built in 1995, according to reports from the Montgomery County Auditor’s Office.

In addition to groceries, Marketplace stores typically offer everything from ready meals to general merchandise such as toys, clothing and household items.

According to a report by Miamisburg staff, prior to submitting a formal request to redistribute any portion of the site on Monday, the applicant will use the City Planning Committee’s advice to ‘revise’ the plan during a research meeting on Monday.

The report stated that efforts had been made to change the heavy use of many sites, including parking lots and gas stations, south of the site, just across the street from commercial use, describing these changes as “desirable” and ” welcome”. Design.

Since the city has not yet submitted a formal application, no meeting date has been set for the project, said Ryan Homsi, city planner for Miamisburg.

“Assuming we get the request sometime in the next two weeks, future meetings may not take place until April,” said Holmes.

Chris Vine, Director of Development for Miamisburg, said the most recent number of jobs Miamisburg received from the Cincinnati grocery store was 269, and the statistic was published in the city’s “ Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2019. ”

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