Kroger donates 4,750 water cases to flood victims in Eastern Kentucky

Assistance is currently being provided to flood victims in eastern Kentucky.

The Kruger Company delivered 4,752 boxes of bottled water to God’s Warehouse in Winchester, and the truck was loaded with donations from flood-affected people in Lee County, Estell, Brecht, and Powell County.

Kroger donates 4,750 water cases to flood victims in Eastern Kentucky

“These are our colleagues. These are our customers. These are our neighbors.” We just know we need to step up our efforts and make sure our community has everything we need to make this event a success, ”said Irene Grant (Irene Grant), Kroger’s Director of Corporate Affairs.

God’s Pantry has received donations from Kroger, Feeding America, JM Smucker and Meijer.

The company has begun to distribute supplies to food storage areas in affected provinces.

“Natural disasters such as floods can increase food insecurity.” Michael Halligan, CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank, said: “We hope to serve five to five to ten thousand people in each of these counties.

“When we bring these products to communities badly affected by natural disasters, when they can provide their families with clean, fresh water and get the food they need from the local food bank, you will see relief on their faces,” Grant said. .

Kruger organizes a food tour on Saturday at 11 am. It’s 3:00 pm in Winchester, Richmond and Stirling Hill. For Donations, Please visit the Link Here

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