Former Marsh supermarket site to become apartment complex

The former Al Ahwar supermarket on the southeast side of the city will house one of two housing projects, which will bring more than 108 new housing units to the city.

Former Marsh supermarket site to become apartment complex

The Riverbend Flats project, named after the White River, is located behind the property, at the intersection of South Burlington and East Memorial Drive, where the Marsh supermarket and the Family Dollar used to be located.

The on-site building will be demolished and eventually replaced by a 60-apartment block, and the apartment block will have two and three bedrooms.

“This is what I call workers’ housing,” said Munse Mayor Dan Rednoor in an interview with The Star on Friday.

The company running the project is located outside of Indianapolis.

According to Ridenour, although a supermarket has been built in a supermarket before, unfortunately no supermarket ever entered. City officials are trying to build another supermarket on the south side to resolve long-standing concerns about food shortages in the city.

The property is not owned by the city, but funds will be provided by the Office of Urban Community Development and EDIT funds provided by the Mayor. Rednor said several city offices were involved in the plan to help launch the project through the plans and funding.

In addition to providing this assistance, tax cuts are expected to support the apartment project. The district is part of one of Muncie’s four opportunity areas and can provide additional tax credits.

While the details have not yet been fully resolved, Renor said he expects emissions to be reduced by 75% and to be progressively reduced over the 10 years leading up to the board’s deliberations. He indicated that he had agreed to cut costs because the construction would bring huge tax increases for the region.

The project is one of two projects announced by city officials last week. Ridnor said the city is looking for a landfill site in the local community. A landfill is a term used to re-register abandoned properties. The second developer working with Medina aims to do this.

The city has managed to get back 21 MRC properties that have been demolished for demolition, and will work hard to put these properties back on the tax list.

The City View Homes project is expected to build 48 new homes, including single-family and multi-family homes. According to the city, the developer plans to build 21 single-family homes and 27 homes of no less than two to four bedrooms.

These new homes are being built in clearings in the Industrial, South Central, Old West and Blaine communities in Muncie. The anticipated investment in this plan is more than $ 10 million.

Although there is an option to buy a property, the property will be rented out.

“These are the areas we want to fill in,” said Rednoor, noting that some nonprofits, such as Muncie Land Bank and Habitat Center, are working on projects that help meet demand.

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Handing over vacant urban land to developers has long been a problem as developers have little grip on building single-family homes like the planned projects.

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The mayor considers the development of the fallow land by builders to be a major victory for the community.

Vacancy remains a constant challenge for the city; Even as new projects are announced, the city still has hundreds of empty packages.

Regarding the city’s economic incentives, Redinor said the project will receive some financial support through the properties themselves, which are currently owned by the Mansi Redevelopment Committee.

Rednor said that while some of the funding for the project will come from the Community Development Office, the tax cuts for the project are unlikely.

Rednor said there are many developers who are interested in implementing projects in the city and are satisfied with future development opportunities.

The new job in Delaware means Monsie needs more housing. He also said that better coordination between local government agencies will also help take advantage of this job growth.

“I took the first step, then the first and finally walked out,” said Rednor. “I think we’re starting to see that.”

Rednor’s announcement of these two developments comes after the planned update of the new house.

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