Baylor student gives reasons why Walmart is superior to H-E-B

The undeniable idea is that there is no store in Texas that can do more HEB. But what if this happens?

Julia Lorenz, a Baylor University student, is the executive producer of LTVN, a radio news service run by college students, and recently wrote about why she believes Walmart is better than H-E-B. Die Hard from H-E-B listened to Shankla’s voice before accepting Shankla.

Baylor student gives reasons why Walmart is superior to H-E-B

Lorenz broke it up, and Walmart wrote in an article on March 3 that the one-stop shopping experience, pricing, and different products are better.

In the shopping experiences category, Lorenz said the parking lot at H-E-B is an “absolute madhouse” already under pressure before entering the store. On the other hand, Lorenz always finds a parking space in Wal-Mart, and unlike H-E-B, the pass is very wide.

She explained, “When I’m shopping, I don’t want to be in a rush, busy, or tense.” “You should be able to navigate the aisles with ease and take some time to decide what you want.”

Lorenz even put an end to Walmart’s reputation as “dirty, hideous and unpleasant”. She believes this is the opposite of the trusted Walmart.

She explained how she thought Walmart’s prices would be better and drafted a price adjustment policy for supermarkets.

Finally, Lorenz indicated that Walmart offers more products than H-E-B. So Lorenz said he can search the shelves and get what he needs, and sometimes find new products.

Lorenz indicated in her work that many people in Texas would be dissatisfied with her opinion. But before you come to her, open your mind and read her article to see if she can convince you to try Walmart.

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